Attract and Retain...

When Recovery Happens…


What will you do to retain your Top Performing Employees when the economy starts to recover? 

Based on two decades and five downturns of experience, we guarantee:  if you wait until then to figure it out, it will be far too late… they will be out the door and long gone by then. 

In fact, accelerating attrition of Top Performing Employees will be your first alert that your competitors are already taking off, without you.

The key to your success is in the relationships between your workforce and your customers.  And, the vast majority of your success comes from your High Value Customers, by your Top Performing Employees.  Your competitors know this.

In today’s challenging business environment, your competitors are creating strategies to take away your customers, especially your high value ones.  And, your best defense—your workforce—is deeply uncertain about the future.  Now, more than ever before, as a strategic leader you need to know exactly:

  • Who are your most valuable customers?   
  • Who are your top-performing employees?
  • How do you optimize their relationships and keep them all on-board?

In the past major economic downturns, Strategix clients asked us to develop analytics and strategies to help them protect their customer base and top talent, pull out of the downturn, and seize the opportunity for success.  Today, they’re asking again. 

The solution is Strategix 20/20.  Our unique and powerful analytic software identifies your most valuable and top-producing customers and employees.  Our field-proven strategies then effectively match and dramatically improve the bond and relationships between them.  


The benefits: improved loyalty, better retention and more revenue from Customers, and better engagement and morale, increased productivity, and improved retention from your Employees.


With our effective tools and unparalleled experience, Strategix 20/20 is fast, revenue-effective, and real-world proven. 


Protect your customers, your workforce and your profits from your competitors with Strategix 20/20.